Jun 21 -

Seriously, you guys have to check out blogger Jag Lever!!! She’s rocking the Seneca Rising/PacSun Trade Collective like NONE other!!! <3 it. http://jaglever.tumblr.com/

Seneca Rising. Los Angeles based company. Proudly manufactured in the USA! A collection of perfectly worn-in pieces, softly printed and even lovelier layered together than they are alone. Inspired by those favorite tees and sweaters that go from worn–to–wash and back again without ever seeing the inside of your closet. With a girly tomboy aesthetic as the backbone of this collection & named after the street in Virginia that designer Andi Ballard grew up on, Seneca Rising is brimming with nostalgic details that characterize her history, and no fuss silhouettes she swears by today.